Live Streaming on multiple platforms- 
Live production and Live streaming using multiple cameras including both wired and wireless cameras on the set. Wireless cameras include - use of stabilized gimbal shot, Handheld or Drone live feed to the live video production. We also design custom graphics, title and lower thirds, virtual sets etc. for different events.
Camera Equipment available for live production and live streaming at KhutSem -
- 4K Cameras
- Wireless Devices
- DJI Ronin MX
- DJI Ronin S
- Crane
- WireCam (CableCam)
25th Pushparani Live (21st April 2016)

Pushparani Live in 2016 on her 25th Celebration Live 


Package Description Amount (excl. GST)
Basic HD

3 Cameras Mixing + Live Streaming

(Suitable for small functions)

₹15000 per Day
Standard HD

3 Cameras + 1 wireless with gimbal + Drone live feed

(Suitable for outdoor functions and events)

₹30000 per Day
Presentation Pack

3 Cameras + Wireless with gimbal + PPT Presentation/Media Playback

(Suitable for workshop, conference, Inauguration ceremony with video display, etc.)

₹45000 per Day

Pro Plus Standard HD + Presentation Pack + Video calling Ask