Customizing water level controller module and kit to fit into existing home electrical switch board

This water level controller is designed to work in three conditions:
  1. 1. The Pump will be ON when there is water coming from water supply pipe (locally called toti-pipe). In this case, the valves S2 and S3 will be closed while S1 remain open and this will start filling overhead tank. When the overhead tank is full, S3 will open and start filling the ground tank until it is full and pump OFF or until the supply water cuts off and pump OFF.
  2. 2. The Pump will be ON when the water level in the overhead tank (OHT) is lower and there is water in ground tank. In this case, the valves S1 and S3 will be closed while S2 remain opened and this will continue until the OHT is full and OFF pump.
  3. 3. The Pump will remain OFF if there is no water from supply pipe or no water in the ground tank. An alert beeping sound will be triggered until the whole controller is turn OFF.

Note: In this model, MANUAL pump turn ON is not available as this system includes solenoid valves which are triggered ON/OFF automatically by microcontroller (brain of the controller) according to sensors readings.

Installing OHT water level controller to existing two ground reservoirs system with one pump:

In this case, the two ground reservoirs are assigned to 'TANK A' and 'TANK B'. The status of both the reservoirs are shown with LEDs and LCD display. The pump will be ON when the water level in OHT is lower and will be OFF when OHT is full. When there is no water in both the reservoirs, the pump will remain OFF even if the OHT level is low.

In this model, Manual pump ON is available.

Basic Model of Water Level Controller with Indicators replacing old power socket for pump:

This controller performs basic functions of fully automatic water level controller which turns ON pump when the overhead tank is low and again turns OFF the pump when the tank is full without overflowing that saves water, electricity and human effort. It also checks and indicates water level of ground reservoir.